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What is it ?
Mod ZipRead is an Apache 2 module to browser Zip Archives. It uses zziplib.
Here is an example of the output.
The current version is 0.1 (released 20/Aug/2003)

My main use is to browse archived Web sites (in Zip format) without extracting them on my disk.
The module can parse a Zip file (with zziplib) and show the contents.
There is a very crude support for index.html/index.htm files. So if a file named index.html OR index.htm is found in the current directory, it is sent.
The module use the Apache API to detect the mime-type of files and send it correctly. (that means that, besides html, every file type (like image, pdf, ...) will be posted correctly.

This software is currently working on Debian GNU/Linux (i386) with Apache 2.0.47 and zziplib 0.10.76.
It should work on any system that support Apache 2.0.45+ and zziplib.

Just download the files from the CVS and type

make install

You need to have the apache2-dev and zziplib-dev packages installed
Afterwards, you must add these lines to your Apache configuration to activate the module :

LoadModule zipread_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/
AddHandler zipread .zip

You may want to adjust the LoadModule directive to reflect where your Apache modules are

_ IMPORTANT : please note that this code is very alpha and might be dangerous. I strongly suggest to NOT use it on a public webserver
_ zziplib has no official Debian package. There is a RFP but I didn't find a package.

_ Permit to specify which files are considered an index ( la DirectoryIndex)
_ Do a good file listing (like Apache 2)
_ Modify the code to be more readable
_ Probably a lot of other things